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Making Money Selling Notion Templates

Notion is a hugely popular project management and note taking platform. I use it to manage my business and personal life and it’s a tool I couldn’t live without. But did you know that you can start your own business and make money selling Notion Templates?

Using this guide you’ll be able to make, sell and market your own Notion Templates.

Why Create Notion Templates?

I consider Notion to be one of the ultimate productivity tools. Because Notion combines Note Taking with Databases, you can pretty much create any type of productivity tool. I’ve found that it’s replaced half a dozen different tools.

While Notion is a pretty simple tool, creating complex workflows can be confusing especially for beginner users. That’s why Templates are so powerful.

Notion is a very popular tool. So if you create templates for Notion, there is going to be a significant user base ready to buy your templates.

What Notion Templates Should I Make to Sell?

People are only going to buy your template if:

  • Saves Time – Creating the template on their own would take a lot of time and require a certain level of expertise.
  • Creates Value – Using the template, the user will immediately see value. For example a freelancer will be able to spend more time on their clients and less time on admin if they use your template.

The best place to start is by solving a problem you’ve come across. For example I manage a portfolio of websites. It’s quite hard to keep track of them. So I’ve created a pretty complex template with pipelines and third party data. I could sell this Template to other niche site operators.

See what Others Are Making

If you’re looking for inspiration, a good place to start is by seeing what others have built. TinyDocs lists premium and free notion templates that you can use as inspiration.

My Top Tips for Selling Notion Templates

Here are some things I’ve learnt from selling and promoting premium Notion templates:

  • Design Matters – Make sure your templates look good. Something as simple as using Emoji throughout the template can make a huge difference.
  • Double Test Everything – Make sure the template works by using like a new user would. Make sure everything works as expected and there are no bugs.
  • Create Documentation – Using the Template might seem straight forward to you, but to a new Notion user it might seem very intimating. Create good quality documentation and make sure the template contains a page explaining what each section of your template does.
  • Create an Explainer Video – A video explaining how the template works and what you can do with it, will be a powerful sales tool.
  • Create High Quality Screenshots – Make sure your marketing screenshots are high quality and look good. See what type of marketing images other template creators are using and copy what they do.

Where to Sell Notion Templates

The most popular platform for selling Notion templates is Gumroad. It has a great checkout experience and is widely used by template makers. If you’re looking to open a more comprehensive store it might be worth selling through WordPress + WooCommerce, WebFlow or Shopify.

Marketing Your Notion Templates

  • TinyDocs – Listing a Notion template on TinyDocs is free if you have an affiliate program (Gumroad has an affiliates feature).
  • ProductHunt – A number of Notion templates have been prominently featured on ProductHunt.
  • IndieHackers – Share your template with your peers. If you’ve built a template that you use, chances are other makers will find it useful too.