How to Make Flashcards on GoodNotes

Goodnotes is my favourite handwriting based note taking app for the iPad. One of GoodNotes best features is Flashcards with spaced repetition. In this guide I’m going to show you how to make flashcards on GoodNotes.

How to Create Your Own Flashcards on Good-Notes

While Flashcards can be created on any paper template, Goodnotes has create a paper type especially for flashcards. Here is how to make your own Flashcards:

Choose the flashcard paper type when setting up a new notebook.
  1. Create a New Notebook
  2. Set the Paper Size to Goodnotes Standard
  3. Set the Paper Orientation to Portrait
  4. Select the Flash Card Paper Type
  5. Once your Notebook has been created, you can create your flashcards by putting the question in the top half and the answer in the bottom half.
create flashcards using goodnotes
Put the Question at the top and the Answer down the bottom

How to Study Flashcards on GoodNotes

Once you’ve created a notebook that contains flashcards you can turn on the study mode. Here is how:

  1. Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner of your Notebook.
  2. Select Study Flashcards

This will bring up the flashcards for studying. You’ll see the question displayed. Tap the card to reveal the answer. It’s just like working with a physical flashcard.

After the answer is revealed there are three options you can click:

  • Again – If you got the answer wrong and need more work on this question, click again.
  • Good – If you got the answer right but struggled, click Good.
  • Easy – If you knew the answer right away, click easy.

These options will determine how Goodnotes shows you the flashcards the next time you choose to study. Basically Goodnotes has implemented basic spaced repetition.

Is Goodnotes Flashcards Worth Using?

If you already use Goodnotes, then the flashcards feature is definitely worth using. While there are dedicated apps for flashcards that do offer more stats and functionality, I like the freeform nature of creating flashcards in Goodnotes. I can use the controls that I’m already familiar with and create flashcards exactly how I would on paper.

If you’re currently using paper flashcards, then the Goodnotes Flashcards Feature is probably the closest digital alternative.

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